Best LMS for schools in 2021

published on 10 April 2021

learning management system, (LMS) is software that is designed specifically to create, distribute, and manage the delivery of educational content in the form of videos, live classes, notes, assessments, etc. The LMS can be hosted as a stand-alone product on the company server, or it can be a cloud-based platform that is hosted by the software firm

Taking into account the present scenario, LMS, i.e. Learning Management Systems have become the need of the hour to enable online learning in schools and colleges. No need to mention how the COVID-19 outbreak shocked the entire globe and educational institutions would be struggling to resume learning.

In such a scenario, LMS came into play and resumed paralyzed education. But in this phase, the mediocre ones were also used excessively and resulted in disappointing results, in terms of learning quality & adaptability. However, the best LMS for schools and colleges is still standing strong.

The college students are mature enough to cope with the flaws of LMS but schools should always rely on seamless LMS so that kids don’t face any difficulty while accessing its functions. So, I think I should discuss the best LMS for schools I have ever seen - it’s an LMS by Classengage

Classengage has been prospering in the sphere of school online learning and has over 800 schools in its growing family. It has designed a unique integrated school management system that is armed by the most advanced and best-in-class features for students, teachers, parents, and school owners & principals.

Why do I term Classengage as the best LMS for schools has some strong reasons? Let’s discuss the same:

  1. Seamless Operation - The integrated school system of Classengage offers seamless operations with high UI & UX. Students, teachers, and parents - everyone finds it a duck soup to access its extensive features with just one tap. You can access it with the same ease using any internet-enabled device - laptop, smartphone, tab, etc.
  2. Structured Study - Teachers are assigned to deliver the daily lesson plans in a very structured and engaging manner. It enables them to impart learning in a very organized manner. Also, it helps kids understand even the new concept in the blink of an eye.
  3. Feedback Exchange - A regular exchange of feedback is crucial for any practice in a healthy environment. Classengage’s app enables teachers, parents, and principals to establish contact just with a tap. Easy communication develops space for transparency.
  4. Performance Assessment - Gone are the days when parents got to know about the performance of their kids through monthly UTs and exam results. This app enables parents to keep a regular check on the progress of their wards. On the other hand, school principals can check the performance of both students and teachers, which helps them in decision-making.
  5. School on Cloud - Who would have ever thought that an LMS can make school administrative tasks so easy. Long queues of parents for fee deposit, manually shared school notices, and notifications don’t exist anymore in LMS_driven schools where everything is kept on a cloud. It has minimized the manpower involved in such tasks to almost null.

Hope I have fairly supported my statement of declaring Classengage as the best LMS. Happy reading!

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